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      1. Welcome to Taishan Fiberglass!

        WHO WE ARE

        Taishan Fiberglass Inc.(CTG)established in 1997 with the 1st E glass fiberfurnace production line of 10,000mts/year in China, CTG has reached a manufacturing capacity of 800,000 + mts/year of diversified fiberglass products, and is one of world's top 5 and China's top 3 fiberglass manufacturers.

        WHY CHOOSE US ?

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          Your One-stop Provider:

          We have a wide range of reinforcement fiberglass products in over 59 categories and up to 1500 specifications.

        • 02

          Commitment to Long-term Partnership:

          We are loyal to both our suppliers and customers for win-win results.

        • 03

          Thorough Quality Control:

          We have been awarded with certificates of ISO9001,IS014001, GB/T45001, KS ,GL,etc.

        • 04

          Clients' Satisfaction Centered:

          Strive for not only meeting your expectations but to exceed with deep domain knowledge and experiences, spirit of customer focused .


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